Sunday, 21 September 2014

Seasonal Fashion Favs : Fall

 We don't have fall here. However we do have the internet so we know how much you who do have it love it and are recently even more infatuated by the season. There are aspects of fall I too enjoy and would love to part take in some day. Not all of them work well in the Caribbean but hey, eye candy is eye candy aint it? 'lucky' for me because of my lack of melamine I have to rock most of these cover ups most days anyway. Here are some pieces I would rock without hesitation. Yes I am aware that hoodie is for a man. No, i don't care.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Grey has been catching my eye a lot lately. I would have thought it wouldn't be a fall colour it keeps popping up!  Some other things I enjoy about Fall, including none fashion faves are:

Vibrant changing leaves in large quantities on either sides of a walk, 
Chilled air, 
Seeing albino Pumpkins,
Falls Scented Candles  (you know like cinnamon and pumpkin spice?)
Fingerless Gloves, 

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

A day in the life.

8:30 Good Morning with breakfast and blogs - A late day because I've doctor visits today
10:30 - Bath and readiness
 11:10 - I'm out!
 11:15 - My bus stop is basically wait till the bus comes round the corner then stick my hand out lol It's not that we don't have them but our buses don't need them all over to be allowed to stop that rule only holds up in the city.
11:45 - In the city. Next bus
12:14 - Studying in the waiting room
12: 45 - Saw the doc in his 'office'
1:20 Supermarket - Treating myself to cereal (It's expensive here)
 1:30 - Left supermarket

1:32 - bus home

2:15 home

2:16 - emails checking and answering, blog reading and start putting pictures for future blog posts (like this one) to upload in another tab as that can take a while. Meanwhile change back into homeware, have a cold drink to get over the Caribbean heat (I bought it at the supermarket but forgot to take a picture) and do my reading and catching up in another tab. Multi tasking baby!

2:38 -  Check on grandmother who is sick and make sure she's eaten.

3:43 - Cereal and Suits to calm my brain down from the day (my laptop's not dirty I don't know why the picture got all weird and grainy like that)

5:30 - Back to studying

6:30 - Class + supper

8:00 - Next class

9:30 - Communing with family + social media

10:00 - Listening to local news + blog post drafting, comment answering and and making.

10:45 -More Suits (bad girl bad! I was supposed to go back to studying but i was tired)

11:45 - More Studying

12:30 - Good night

As you can see I rather forgot to take pictures all through out. Maybe I'll try this again if you guys enjoyed it. Mind you, this is not a typical day, I actually had the day off that day for an appointment.

Peace.Love.Beauty on the daily.
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Musing :: Mind : Believe : A 3 Step Process to Greatness

  (Practising hand lettering in my sketchbook)

Once upon a time I was asked to be a guest speaker at my student’s primary (Americans read: elementary) school graduation. It’s not just a privilege to be asked to address and advice a crowd of young minds, it’s also very scary. What do you say to the masses when handed the mike? This is what I said:

Their Theme: With God We Believe, achieve and aspire to be.

My Speech: A Three Step Process to Greatness

Many of you may have seen me coming in and out of your school for the last few years, saying hellos, sharing a smile and holding classes with a student. Yes, i am a teacher of the visually impaired. I am attached to the insert name of job here; I travel around meeting students who are low visioned, visually impaired or blind to ensure they have everything they need to succeed in the classroom. However, today I do not come to you as all that which I have just mentioned. Today, I come to you as a national who with God, believes, achieves and aspires to be.

When I was introduced to your theme I found myself asking the obvious question. Believe, achieve and aspire to be…What? It did not take me long to come up with the answer as that statement almost finishes itself. It seems to scream of the pages to me, simply and clear that the answer is this, with God, believe, achieve and aspire to be great.

How does one however become great? Listen closely and I promise you, this too is simple. You see, every great man or woman during the course of history has one thing in common; they made themselves relevant.

What I mean is, they did something. Something.. very simple…Something that can unit nations and pull them apart again. Something, that can cause revolutions, something that can make a disciple walk on water, something that can bring about peace, something that can exact change. Something…only they could do and only you can do. Something that starts so small that for a while…only you can feel it. 

All of humanity that has ever been great and relevant to the world at large started by doing this one thing; sewing a seed of belief in their heart

Two brothers a long time ago, believed that they had a vision worth trying for and created the air plane. A tired black woman believed that every human being deserved to sit wherever they want on a bus despite the colour of their skin and began a movement that made it possible for you and even me to be counted as of equal worth in this world no matter who our parents were.

I believed, that even if my eyesight was so bad, I could not see the blackboard from where I sat in my classroom, when I was your age, that I could be relevant to this country and to this world, I could make a difference in my country because I have talents, because I can do things. Now some things I can do well, some things not so well but I CAN do things and I can learn.

Someday, that day may be today, that day may be yesterday, it may be tomorrow or it maybe on your first day of secondary school when you look down at a subject you haven’t studied before and feel so very excited to start it… When that happens, when that day comes remember; believe that you are capable of something, there is something you can do well, some things not so well but you can learn so that can change too.

I urge you, do not doubt that feeling,  take that first tiny, easy step towards greatness, that step that only you can take, not your mom, not your older sisters and brothers, not your favourite cousin or your nicest teacher, the step only you can take and believe it.

Believe that feeling inside of yourself, that feeling that will tell you that you CAN help, do, be, something great. Then prepare to take the second step…

Now…this is the part that is not so easy. The second step is to achieve. This will require strength and ‘stick-to-it-iveness’. On your road to adulthood you will find many hurdles that may seek to get in the way of your achieving the greatness you believe is within you; classes will get hard, much harder than they ever were while you were in primary school. You will meet new people, some will help, guide and love you and some will not but in the words of a famous writer by the name of Mark Twain and I quote: 

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great…’

In simple terms, watch the company you keep because if you want to achieve you must a line yourself with those who also seek achievement. Create good study habits, be prepared to work hard for your success because that seed of belief I told you to plant within you self? It will not grow if it is not watered with hard work and diligence.

This brings us to the third step. Aspire to be, once you have come to believe that you can, come to achieve success in your work and by building good character traits such as manners, punctuality and such, that only seek to improve your life, you must concentrate on deciding what you want from yourself for it is not enough to believe you can do something, you must decide what it is you want to do. 

You must also remember to be fair to yourself, no matter how elaborate the dream, whether you want to be the first female prime minister or producer of the first national television series or the best doctor, lawyer or teacher this fine country ever had, decide on the road you want to travel and do not be saddened when people look at you confused at your choice. If people have never heard that dream before, be encouraged for you could be the first; aspire to be the one that succeeds.

Did you notice that as a spoke about the three step process I have not yet mentioned God? That is because just like in your theme He is to be at the front of all of these steps. You need to tangle God around everything you do, as you believe you must believe in His ability to never leave you nor forsake you and praise Him for creating in you the talents and skills you do have. 

As you achieve you must be mindful that nothing is possible without His help and as you aspire to be great you must remember that He breathed the universe into life, he willed it into existence as He will your existence once you keep close to Him and follow His instructions for you.

So grandaunts, as you step out beyond these safe walls you knew so well for this segment of your school lives; believe that you are beautifully and marvellously made by our Father in heaven. Achieve success through hard work, surround yourself with a positive working environment and courageously aspire to be nothing less than great!


You know what's funny? Back then when I gave that speech all I was thinking about is doing my job and doing it well. I was thinking about delivering a speech I believe is true from an earnest place. . Today, more than a year later what i remember distinctly is that feeling of pride. Of course I was proud of my student, she was graduating! All our hard work had brought us this. Thought that is not the pride I am talking about. You see  my student was very proud of her teacher that day too. How bout that.

Peace.Love. Be Great.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Throw Back Thursday:: Concrete Jungle That Dreams Are Made Of

 'In New York. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There's nothing you can't do. Now you're in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you. Hear it from New York!'
~ Alicia Keys : New York

Oh New York...

I was so happy that day, to be in the place I'd seen on television for so many years haha. I make a very happy tourist! As you can tell by my picture of the Applebees sign, we do not have them here so I was like omg it's the place from the commercial haha.  I didn't get to do anything honestly, it was a quick look see before I went to the airport because I had no one to take me round; when I visited all family were too busy with work to entertain.

Well, in any event, We did see the aquarium, something I didn't much care for (hello Caribbean girl) the zoo, which was interesting but quite a lot of walking, Coney Island; by far my favourite part but I didn't bring my camera that day...or the ferice wheel was all i remembered to take a photo of I don't remember. It was there i got on my first scary carnival ride, ah good times!

Plus last but certainly not least little time square. These are some of the stops that stick out from my last vacation so many years ago. Ah I would have been so happy to see those theatre productions but the vacationer with currency that is a third of the U.S dollar could not afford it at the time nor did family have any more time than enough to let me have a glimpse. So it had to be enough to see the posters and oh my goodness it really still did take my breathe away a little!

I still remember ascending the steps of the subway, opening out into Manhattan and looking at the person who took us their with unabashed saucers for eyes thinking, This is it? You get to live with access to a place like this?! She was not moved but I remember thinking, why does the sky seem so much higher from here? How does the sky tall higher here? Just out of reach, at home I feel like I can reach out and touch it, like we are close friends whose relationship does not change with the passing of time. Here it feels so far away I will grow dizzy from looking up at it. What a thrilling feeling!

Next time I go, I've such a to-do list, lady liberty chiefly not to mention some money hopefully as I should finally be finished uni by then and hopefully...a cousin to take me round! New York I'm coming, just you watch, it's going to be epic.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Blog Love Tag & My Botched Vlog Experiance.

 I was actually intending to skip this prompt because I am really bad at vlogging but I decided to give it a go. I really wanted to do something that centred around blogging though and searched for a bit before I came across the The Blog Love tag over at Make Up Savvy

Thank goodness!

Somehow however, I managed to NOT answer the last three questions on camera because my device was running out of charge...So I'll be sure to answer all the questions on here for you because they're really good questions to be fair. Not to mention of course I forgot some people while making the vlog in my nervous state...eek so I've gone ahead and made sure to put them in while answering the questions in written form here on the vlog. By the way the the get up stand up song I got distracted singing in the vlog if you didn't make the connection was a Bob Marley song. A lot of Bob Marley lyrics get stuck in your head when you're from the Caribbean.

Note Well:  I mention that Jessica is in the army in my vlog, I hope that's not insulting? She's in the Navy but that's the army right? Forgive the foreigner and usually I'd link to all the blogs but can't at this very moment. I will fix that by the end of the day though and this little message, having served it's purpose, will be gone. ;) or no cause now I feel ill.

 So with no further wait here you go!

The questions posed are as follows:

What was the first blog you ever came across? 
No idea, something on Diaryland

Favourite beauty blog reads
 The Beauty Department and Becky Bedbug (specifically her Mac Lippie reviews for this question but i love her blog on a whole, she's a great voice also yay fellow teacher.)

Best blogging friend
Eli & Grenada Soul Adventure for people I've met in the flesh who totally understand when I talk blog.

Name a blog that enables your purchases
Song of Style, Late Afternoon (yes I did link to THE dress), Brooklyn Blonde, Vixen Vintage,  Keiko Lynn & Fake Leather

5 blogs everyone should be reading! 
The Jessica L Blog 
Clover And Dots 
A Beautiful Mess
I Will Bloom
The Loudmouth Lifestyle

Your favourite way to read blog
From my desk top with a hot cup o' tea or via the bloglovin' app

Bloggers that inspire you 
See Favorite Blogs Above + Always With Yoo

 Favourite blog design/look
I like Wonder Forest Designs, like the one I have now. I do wish it came in Blue or Tan though because I am not particularly found of Pink but I like the functionality of this design so I chose it anyway. Though I do find myself leaning more towards simpler blog designs lately.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?  
Becoming a better writer and making new friend

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future! 
I Will Bloom  & The Jessica L Blog

Oh and by the way I'm tagging: Under the Oklahoma Sky, I Will Bloom, Inside Mama's Mind and Brave Love in this blog love tag. Plus anyone else who wants to do it for I would love to know your answers!

Peace. Love. Beautiful Mistakes
What was the first blog you ever came across? 
Favourite beauty blog reads
Best blogging friend
Name a blog that enables your purchases
5 blogs everyone should be reading! 
Your favourite way to read blogs
Bloggers that inspire you 
 Favourite blog design/look
What is your favourite thing about blogging? 
Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future! - See more at:
What was the first blog you ever came across? 
Favourite beauty blog reads
Best blogging friend
Name a blog that enables your purchases
5 blogs everyone should be reading! 
Your favourite way to read blogs
Bloggers that inspire you 
 Favourite blog design/look
What is your favourite thing about blogging? 
Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future! - See more at:
What was the first blog you ever came across? 
Favourite beauty blog reads
Best blogging friend
Name a blog that enables your purchases
5 blogs everyone should be reading! 
Your favourite way to read blogs
Bloggers that inspire you 
 Favourite blog design/look
What is your favourite thing about blogging? 
Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future! - See more at:
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Musing :: Mind : Sometimes Good People Lose

 (The tattoo I would get if I were the tattoo getting type ; the type who would not bore of a tattoo very very quickly)

Most people don't know this but...and this is something hard for people who really know my talkative boisterous self to believe even..but...

Sometimes, extrovert or no, I just want to be left alone. All alone. Even if it's in an empty house at night while it rains and i take a shower in the dark, in bed one morning when i don't get up but stay in my sheets all day as i relish the grey heaviness of the clouds or just at home in the complete silence sitting on the sofa.

Not moving, remaining still for hours. Staring at nothing. Not thinking.

Sometimes I just need to go away and have you not talk to me, no matter how much I love you. You wouldn't know because this is a rare feeling, twice in a year for the most I think...

Sometimes I need to just go away and look into myself because sometimes the depression and the sadness and the doubt in life win. Sometimes I just need to be and rejuvenate and remember why I love me, not why you love me, why I love me.

This can last a day, three days, a week. You wouldn't know because I am fine, because i will be fine and I will come back to you as bright and as loud and happy as before because this fight is never ending for me and it is not new, I've been fighting this fight for a long time and God help me I've no intention to lose now but...

even a seasoned sea soldier, needs to let his eyes adjust to the darkness before they can see the beam from the lighthouse, reflecting on the water... so that they can safely find their way back to solid ground again.

Peace. Love. Solider On.
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Monday, 15 September 2014

My Wonderlust Wishlist - SoKo

Dreaming of..

South Korea

Are just a few of the places I want to visit when I finally make it to South Korea someday. If you don't know by now i'm a huge fan of South Korea, Kpop and even more so Kdramas!

So many scenes of Kdramas have been shot or have reference Seoul Tower, i can't wait to go and see the locks!

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon had an iconic kiss scene at these steps that is thought to possibly be a big metaphor for the challenges ahead of their (the main characters) love, how it is an up hill battle but once they are headed in the same direction, eyes on the same prize and holding hands, they could get to the top and reach the happiness they seek. My wonderful Kim Soon Ah was in this and this scene is one out of the very many that really stayed with me for all that it said.

On the island of Jeju many climb these steps to see the sunrise at this peek. I am not a hiker but i look forward to this challenge.

Married couple Simon and Martina recently opened their cafe in S.Korea called the 'You Are Here' cafe, I love their videos and I'm very happy for their success, I look forward to visiting someday!

You know, after uni is finished taking all my money....Till then, a girl can dream. This location is just one of many inhabiting my thoughts but more on that in another post...

Where are you dreaming of going?

Peace. Love. Far Away Places.
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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Why I Started Blogging

I have no idea truthfully...

I like many, had a different blog attempt before this, which is why some of my very very early pictures sometimes have different watermark. That early attempt I felt I needed to do away with because it was just to convoluted and the order that I wanted  called for a new space and a new approach.

Regardless I've always been a writer and when I started my first online journal all those years ago it came really easily. blogging was a way to look into myself and to speak about myself. Which, was not usually the case for me; usually my time was spent speaking with other people about other things, not about what was happening to me and inside of myself.

It was like looking into a mirror, answering questioned by asking them. No wonder it was private for so very long and in a way, many parts of it still are because there are some questions I think you need to ask yourself in a dark empty room before you ask yourself in a lit one. I feel that this is so like praying; to inspire the truest most potent type of honesty first.

As I continued to explore the writer inside of me, as I changed and grew blogging continued to help me do just that. It challenged me to find different ways to express my feelings, to be more objective, to not just scream random words but to consider, to analyse. Blogging developed my higher thinking skills as well as helped me to 'get it all out.'

And there's always so much to get out isn't there?

Also as I continued to grow and change, blogging helped me to create a space to explore all these new interests, like telling stories with photography, something that I was now having quite the love affair with! Even tackling doing my nails and exploring my thought process behind styling.

With blogging I am able to spread my wings and explore the thoughts that race down the highway of my brain waves faster than I can contemplate them all at once, so I write and I grow and I share.

I don't know why I still do this or even why I started, maybe I started because I was curious? I think I continue because honestly...I just like to write. Which for me, as a writer, is reason enough.

Peace. Love. Be A Blogger.

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

My Relationships and Me

Here's the thing, I am not going to be talking about that on the internet. I feel the only time I will be willing to talk about a relationship is when I am married, which I am not. I respect every bloggers willingness to share cute photos coupled up and to talk about their love story and the like, I will swoon and I will grasp my heart in support and I will cheer you on with complete honesty, i mean why wouldn't they? Love is beautiful! However in all truth the culture of love and togetherness is very different where I live so I hope you will forgive me if my blog does not fall in line?

Perhaps it is as a result of this I feel like a key element to keeping any relationship secure is protecting it from the input of others. This has taken me a long time to holistically understand. Everyone will have their confidant but I feel as though parading any relationship before the judgement of others is almost like putting it in harms way. Suddenly and often unintentionally people start feeling like you've given them the right to decide how things should go between you and your partner and your love becomes a topic of gossip in all corners of the room, each voice adding their own filter to the topic, making it distorted and toxic. Suddenly it becomes this game where people start saying things like they knew this or they start secretly routing for you to take this path or that and perhaps start sharing these thoughts with you and influencing the course of a journey meant for two human beings and the God that led them to each other.

Some may argue this is not the case on the internet but we live in a world that is quickly shrinking and I personally live on a very small island and here we have a saying that goes 'Too many hands spoil the pot' Which pretty much means you don't want too many people trying to cook one dish at a time, their individual tastes are bound to conflict and in the end you end up with a meal nobody is satisfied with.

So you'll never catch me throwing up pictures of a significant other unless that person is my husband or if I'm honest at least fiancé, then almost all bets are off. Then I will let you know that I have joined myself to another forever. Until then everything else seems so not finalised and I'm not comfortable telling the world about that process. Experiences like that I want to keep private in a very public world. And as I learn lessons from them, be sure I will share them with you in one way or another, with out blame and without name, focused instead on the blessing of the lesson. Not distracted by fluff, not romanticised. That is just my view on it.

For now know this, I am fortunate to be surrounded by love. I am fortunate to have very special relationships with some very special people, male and female. I wont put them too much on blast but I've got about thee gal pals I can go to, all fulfilling their purpose. You know, the kind of people who you just love on despite how much time has passed? You just pick up the phone with and get right into it? I've got ladies that keep me intellectually stimulated, that share different perspectives with me, who I don't have to complete sentences with and who shower me with so much love they make me blush.

Then I've got fellahs! I've got fellahs who I can have one word sentences with, fellahs I can spend the entire night talking to, fellahs who are my movie slash show watching buddies, fellahs who LIVE to disagree with me and make me angry at all costs then laugh and fellahs who will entertain my most alternative theories with conversation.

I am truly blessed with good friends and I really appreciate them all in their own right. I pray that they can feel it. (I can hear them making fun of me now if they read that 'Where's the love LIZ?! I can't feel the love, LOVE ME! haha  If you who know who you are ever read this: you guys are idiots Thank you.☺♥)

I did meet up with one of my lovely friends this July though so if you want to check out or idle mini vlogging experience click here and be warned, it is some silliness...I have way too much energy for one person forgive me?

 Peace. Love. Friendship.
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Friday, 12 September 2014

Our Informal Family Traditions

So my family really does not have traditions. In my country traditions are not as practised in the home as much as they are for the tourism sector, sad I know. However, as always I find the most joy in the little things.

We have had a series of drinking wine with my aunt in the late evening holidays. It's a moment I love. I love looking around at all the beautiful women in the room, all at different stages in their life, laughing and telling stories that dance in the air between us like joyful ghosts glad for their own memorial....

Sometimes I look down at our feet, toes,  different complexions and wrinkles and all and marvel at the many varying paths that have lead us to this one destination, this intersection on our separate roads that have allowed us to be together...and I am thankful.

It's also tough me quite a lot about wine. :). That Red Mascato by Shutter Home is my favourite so far but I have a veeeery limited schema to choose from, which I'm quite all right with, I don't drink to establish any kind of high so I wont be drinking any old thing just because. I want to saver and enjoy whatever goes into my body. I wont put it there if it starts changing my thought patterns or just plain tasting bad. There is a quote that says life is too short to spend eating bad food. Well I say life is too short to drink crap wine. That said, I love the taste of this red mascasto, a sweet, bitter, fiery taste all in one, yum!

 This sossy named bottle above is a creeper!

A more serious one that has kind of become tradition is watching the evening news together, all three of versions.

I'm trying to force the tradition of taking pictures with my mother and grandmother on mothers day as well. It's the only way I'll make sure to have the memories when I want to look back on them I feel.

Sometimes you gotta go get it.

I have established some traditions with my friends that I cherished though, like our yearly staycation. Who knows how long this will continue? It certainly has lasted long so far haha . Every year if we can help it we have it and usually there is a 'saying' of sorts that we repeat all that year. This year is was 'What did you see?' Which, I'm told as I did not see the episode, came from a an episode of The Simpson's and came when anyone expressed disbelief over a matter the other said or proposed. Twas hella funny.

A tradition i miss is spending time with my favourite aunt i haven't seen in a long time, sometimes I'd just sit next to her as she did the dishes or we both wouldn't be able to sleep so we would stay up and talk or just be quiet together. I remember instances of just going to the corner store together, don't ask me why such a small memory seems to stick out and mean so much to me, i guess because i don't see her often...It was such a simple thing 'I'm going to the corner store. Do you want to come with me?' she was so earnest in her request. We'd walk along the side walk of the city often in the glow of the golden hour, walking together just because, just she and I. bonding in slow deliberate time  with an intended destination but little else, conversation or silence I think we just appreciated having each other there in person as we are usually separated by oceans...

A tradition i miss is sitting between the knees of her and my mother, mother may have been trying or washing or combing out my hair, My aunt or cousin would have been plating it. The plating is a tradition I've had with old school gal pals too. A well established bonding ritual among the Caribbean born. It wasn't no brushing hair business, it was pulling and pain and the relief of untangled hair, who couldn't bond over that! haha The other day it was reversed and I did the plating for my mother, ah what a weird feeling! Not more sorrowful than reminds me how our roles are changing as we advance in age..

I haven't seen my favourite aunt in so long...I hope to travel and see her again soon...time is changing our bodies and telling our souls to be ready for an eternal pending change....I wonder f our little personal tradition is the still in tact....ah, I miss her. More reason for my bubbling wanderlust. Graduation come quickly...

Peace. Love. Treasure
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